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This image material is used to promote tourism in Vienna and to promote the image for the city of Vienna, the Republic of Austria. For this reason it stands for all companies Design of newspapers, magazines, catalogs, advertisements, posters, books, lectures, contributions in electronic media, on the Internet etc., for the purposes mentioned above available.

However, the use of this image material for the purpose of advertising is prohibited in other countries (except Austria), as well as for the promotion of products, merchandise and services outside the Austrian tourism industry. Also use for disadvantages of the reputation of the city of Vienna and its tourism or the Republic of Austria and its Tourism is prohibited by Vienna Tourism.

A prerequisite for the purchase of image material on photo.wien.info

is belonging to one of the following industries or professional groups:

  • Print and online media for Vienna reports (newspapers, magazines, no books)
  • Television and radio in the course of Vienna reports
  • Travel agencies and tour operators
  • Companies in the Austrian hotel and catering trade
  • Tourist guides
  • modes of transport (train, bus lines, shipping, airlines, etc.)
  • Austrian, EU authorities, and universities
  • Congress, conference and incentive organizers

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